Meet the Team...

Who we are…

Not all great ideas are born out of people’s garages or on the backs of napkins, but a lot of them are. These ideas start small and get big, and sometimes things just add up.

Clementine Eco Events was just such an idea. When founders Vanessa Hauswald and Kelin Backman realized how unique and essential the idea of a green event production company was, they broke out pens and excitedly began sketching plans on the only paper available…a napkin.

What happened next?

They paid the bill and left the restaurant, of course. Fast forward 10 years though, and you can see what happens when you mix a lot of hard work with a great idea. Clementine Eco Events now has an impressive list of credentials and successful events to back them up. Events for 100 to 10,000, from San Jose to Sacramento, and serving clientele as diverse as cyclists, breweries and political campaigns. With a day-to-day management philosophy of focusing on the details and never working from a template, each decision along the way is checked against the desired end result. This not only ensures consistent results from event to event, but also assures a final product that’s in line with everyone’s expectations. While all this double checking may sound a little tedious and rigid, its effect is actually to free up resources and allow more creativity, not less. Basically, when solid decisions are made along the way, there’s more flexibility to build in the bells and whistles that push an event into the realm of the extraordinary.

Clementine plans eco.fabulous events that are mindful of environment, community and local economy. We structure our services around the triple bottom line principle: economy, ecology, and community impact. We offer realistic options that lessen environmental footprint and are cutting edge in the green collar economy. A Clementine event is never trashy.


Meet the team…

Kelin Castleberry Backman, Proprietor
Kelin is one of the proud owners of Clementine Eco Events.  When she’s not scheming up mad event plans, she’s hanging out with her wonderful family and friends, running trails, cooking meals, shaking her bootie at one of our fine local music venues or waxing philosophical in book club. Her two beautiful daughters, awesome husband, two dogs and nine chickens help to keep her balanced. Kelin’s love for her community and environment fuel her passion to keep Clementine events green and local.





Vanessa Hauswald, Proprietor
Vanessa Hauswald is co-proprietor of Clementine Eco Events and also the Director of the NorCal High School Cycling League. A lover of all things bicycle-related, Vanessa enjoys working on local bike advocacy, and fun events related to cycling. To keep it green, Vanessa shops and drinks locally, lurks around yard sales for reusable treasures, doesn’t eat cows, and hauls trash out of the river on her paddleboard.






Elizabeth Howland, Proprietor
Elizabeth is delighted to be part of the Clementine team and lives to brainstorm creative ideas and strategies. When she is not wearing her Clementine hat, she’s a marketing maven for the McKesson Foundation and the mandolin player in the band, “Betty.”  Elizabeth believes that community events and celebrations bring us together to strengthen our ties, work out our differences and fulfill our dreams.